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Telescoping Totem-pole performance

The first in a series of totem-poles, to be used in creating a forest of rubber inflatables, the "Telescoping Totem-pole" is an organic robotic sculpture. It is a metaphoric representation of the human form, the sculpture denotes the various forms found in our bodies. As the sculpture grows and recedes the complexities of our internal structure are revealed.

In various stages, images of viscera unfold from the fabric, heads and premature forms emerge, rising to a promontory position over the elevating form. The symbolic representation of the viscera, heads and forms being birthed from an organic mass is a reflection of our own internal cycle. Like all things that grow, a recollection of the impulse to arise, and subsequently subside, is generated by an internal clock. Similarly, the totem-pole has a computer to actualize the incentive to grow, mature, unveil and abate. Though the sculpture shares traits found in robotic automata, a mechanical actuator and feedback system, the references to organic form conveys a radically different interpretation of robotics. The observer of the succeeding stages of the totem-pole is symbolically witnessing the transformative characteristics inherent in an evolving form. The totem-pole is a continuation of my examination of the organic representation of the human condition through the medium of machines.

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Projects Robotronika
Public Netbase
Date 20.06.1998
Location Museumsquartier, Wien


performance art Robotronika hypermatic:automagic robots bio-mechanical robotics robots
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