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Algorithmic Regimes - Short Docu
Date: September 2015
A conference that investigates the growing influence of digital control systems and their cascading chains of agency on cultural and social reality.
Search Engine Bias and the Public Interest
Date: 28.05.2010
Deep Search II Panel 3: Rent and Bias This talk examines the history of the search business, search advertising and optimization and suggests avenues for public engagement with search engine quality.
World-Information City Paris
Date: 30.05.2009
Short documentary of debates around WIC Paris- Insights on urban transformations in a digitally networked world. With: Bruno Latour, Saskia Sassen, Stephen Graham, John Urry, Eyal Weizman, Brian Holmes a.o.
World-Information.Org Bangalore
Date: 2005
Video documentary. Conference, exhibition, workshops and related events on Global Information Landscapes and Urban Transformations
Date: October 2003
Nikeground - Rethinking Space. The hardly believable Nikeplatz Trick. Art Intervention in Urban Space.
Upload Future Culture
Date: 2004
Public Netbase 1994-2004 (long version)


Society Lost. Warum sind urban struggles keine gesellschaftlichen Kämpfe?
Boris Buden (June 2009)
Warum spricht man heutzutage immer öfter von den so genannten urban struggles? Worum wird in diesem Fall gekämpft und warum ausgerechnet in der Stadt?
Free Bitflows: Editorial
Konrad Becker | Felix Stalder (June 2004)
In 2004 a digital culture event was held in Vienna to examine the theories and practices for making new cultures of access viable: "how can we organize access to cultural works to match the new freedom of production?"
Let it RIP! Obituary of an Endless Myth: Public Netbase, 1994-2006
Brian Holmes (2008)
Brian Holme's tribute to Public Netbase, a project that combined art and politics, technology and culture, theory and practice in unique ways.
Deep Search. The Politics of Search beyond Google - Introduction
Konrad Becker | Felix Stalder (April 2009)
An introduction to the book Deep Search and an overview of topics of the event series on the politics of search and digital classification.
Informal Political Knowledge and its Enablements: The role of the new technologies
Saskia Sassen (2011)
Saskia Sassen looks at new technologies in financial markets and political activism and how the multiplication effects of digital information can be used for democratization or a concentration of power.
Nach der Unumkehrbarkeit der Verhältnisse
Konrad Becker | Martin Wassermair (2011)
Editorial fuer das Buch "Nach dem Ende der Politik". Machtausübung erfolgt in modernen Gesellschaften vorwiegend über undurchschaubare Netzwerke von Konventionen, Regeln, interpersonellen Beziehungen und internalisierter Kontrolle. Das macht eine breite Debatte über Kultur als konstitutives Element sozialer Beziehungen und politischer Gemeinschaften notwendig.


...is a semantically connected content repository, which contains documents on 15 years of new practices in art and media.

Based on an extensive archive going back to 1994 the site collects materials that serve as important reference documents in the field of new media, politics, and art and makes them accessible to a wider public. Instead of a hierarchically structured archive an experimental navigation interface opens up new ways to explore large information nodes. Documents are associated by a range of tag that allow to filter relevance according to topics and issue relations. ASCR, short for Advanced Semantic Content Repository, is the open source information architecture and "editing back end" of Future Non Stop.

Future Non Stop is a project of:
Institute for New Culture Technologies/ t0.
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