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Universal Access to All Knowledge

The goal of universal access to our cultural heritage is within our grasp. With current digital technology we can build comprehensive collections, and with digital networks we can make these available to students and scholars all over the world. The current challenge is establishing the roles, rights, and responsibilities of our libraries and archives in providing public access to this information. With these roles defined, our institutions will help fulfill this epic opportunity of our digital age.
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Projects Free Bitflows
Public Netbase
Date 04.06.2004


archives for the digital public sphere access Open Society archive big picture morality consumer age creative age book availability of information publishing printed materials authors storing concert bands moving images movies films ephemeral films advertisment films educational films 9/11 Reactions to 9/11 TV footage 9/11 lectures universities save snapshot presidential election surf.net data security Internet2 recall private library lectures content for research access archive audio archive book archive book mobile free access internet library mobile book printing non commercial use open content preservation universal access to knowledge video quality Creative Commons digital books Digital Millennium Copyrights Act wireless system film mobile publishing copyright TV copyleft bookprint music internet Internet archive web scanning replication television digitization search engine digital libraries book scanning book digitisation software India USA Egypt Uganda San Francisco Library of Congress China Amsterdam Alexandria The Internet Archive Grateful Dead Rick Prelinger Prelinger Archives LEGO Television Archive BBC CNN Al Jazeera ABC Smithsonian Institute British National Library French National Library National Science Foundation Library of Alexandria Library of Baghdad Access For All Million Book Project Recall
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