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sex net. Sex, Lies & the Internet

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Public Netbase

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Feature on sex.net in ORF "25 - Das Magazin"
Public Netbase, sex net. Sex, Lies & the Internet
Feature on sex.net, a project by Public Netbase. Includes interview with Konrad Becker.
Sex, Lies, and the Internet (and Video and TV too)
sex net. Sex, Lies & the Internet
Constance Penley (01.05.1998)
Pesentation at the controversial event series at Public Netbase.

The efforts to regulate ideas and images on the Internet can be understood only in the context of concurrent attempts to censor art and television. Rather than existing as a world unto itself, cyberspace intersects and overlaps the other electronic realms of video art and television in messy, impure ways. This presentation will offer a case study of the interlocking forms of censorship of the whole electronic realm and suggest some tactics for evading them.
Feminists Against Censorship – Pornography and Censorship-Issues on the Net
sex net. Sex, Lies & the Internet
Cherie Matrix (01.05.1998)
Feminists Against Censorship was formed in London in 1989 to give a voice to the many anti-censorship feminists who felt they were being silenced by the anti-porn movement, which puported to represent a desire on the part of all women, and all feminists, to censor pornography. To a large extent we see our role as educational, both in terms of making people aware of the long anti-censorship history in feminism and the verying attitudes women hold.
Digital Decadence? Sex and Taboo in the Information Age
sex net. Sex, Lies & the Internet
Diva Midori (27.05.1998)
Every evolution in information technology has been accompanied by expansion of sexual expression for the masses. As the Information Age accelerates the dissemination of erotic images and ideas, how does this affect the power of taboo and fetish? Is this leading to greater expression of individualism and healthier personal relationships? Or is this leading to callousness and dehumanization?
Sex.net - Sex, Lies and the Internet
sex net. Sex, Lies & the Internet
(May 1998)
Sex.Net - Sex, Lies and the Internet
Cherie Matrix Constance Penley Midori media at sex.net Midori at sex.net Audience Member at sex.net


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