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Public Netbase Media-Space

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Public Netbase

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Der glaeserne Mensch? Grundrechte im Informationszeitalter II
Public Netbase Media-Space
Public Netbase (08.06.2000)
government-austria.at Roundtable 3 mit Daniela Zimmer, Walter Peissl, Klaus Richter, Klaus Forgo
Moderation: Martin Wassermair
Staatssekretär vs. Public Netbase im Jahr 2000
Public Netbase Media-Space
Treffpunkt Kultur TV Beitrag mit Staatssekretär Franz Morak anlässlich der Vertreibung von Public Netbase aus dem Museumsquartier
Kommunikationsguerilla-Welt-Tournee 97
Public Netbase Media-Space
Luther Blisset (12.12.1997)
Eine Theorie-Praxis-Darbietung in sieben Posaunen und mit einem Videotape von autonome a.f.r.i.k.a.-gruppe/Luther Blissett/Sonja Bruenzels
An Interview with Anne Balsamo
Public Netbase Media-Space, Zero News Datapool
Anne Balsamo (28.04.1997)
Interview with Anne Balsamo, Professor at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, about her approach to theory and practice of technology and new media with Miss M. and Meike Schmidt-Gleim at Public Netbase Media~Space!
on the occasion of her presentation, "Cyberflesh: World Wide White Wash" on 28 April 1997
Information Terror Civil War
Public Netbase Media-Space, Zero News Datapool
Christoph Fringeli (24.04.1998)
Lecture at Public Netbase Media~Space on 24th of April, 1998.
Information War, Cyberwar, Netwar, Anti-War, Technowar, Postmodern War are all new buzzwords in the field of military theory, buzzwords that are now becoming more commonplace and are entering the cultural mainstream. Christoph Fringeli talks about the different notions.
Dark Terrors - An Unforgettable Visit to the Hammer House of Horror
Public Netbase Media-Space, Zero News Datapool
Boris Karloff (24.04.1998)
Lecture at Public Netbase Media~Space on 24th of April, 1998.
'Boris Karloff' describes some very reliable anti-zombiefication techniques. These are: COLLECTIVE PHANTOMS; MEDIA INVASIONS; SPECULATIVE PLAYGROUNDS; PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY and finally the VOODOO MEME.
Media-Space! Opening Speech
Public Netbase Media-Space, Zero News Datapool
Peter Lamborn Wilson (28.02.1997)
Speech at Public Netbase Media-Space! Opening 28th of February, 1997.
Up till a few years ago—no, up till last year, well, up till ten minutes ago—there was a very religious feeling surrounding the Internet. I call it the mumbo-jumbo factor, a kind of magical aura that surrounds any new technology.


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