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Organizing the World - Networks and Classification Panel

Visions of Organizing the World Living in a world of the formless chaos of sensations there is a need to impose order and to find extensions of the mind to organize experience. Since the early Enlightenment enormous efforts were invested into the creation of a system of universal classification. The 17th century brought up the idea that manifold memories do not have to be stored through techniques of ars memoria but can be encoded in scientific classification and are deducible through the algorithmic logic of scientific formulas. The 20th century showed that it is logically impossible to construct a single grand "metalogic". At the dawn of the 21century new visions are animating attempts to organize the worlds information. Sociometry, Networks and Classification The power of combining aggregate behavioral data for social data mining in collecting massive amounts of information and to analyze this in the context of longtime records allows to identify aggregate human behavior and uncover trends in society. Electronic networks can be instrumentalized and orchestrated to exploit the individual and to panoptic diagrams of reality mining in societies of control. At the same time social networking technologies can provide a powerful instrument for democratic participation and empowerment.
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