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World-Information Institute

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Algorithmic Regimes and Generative Strategies
Critical Strategies in Art and Media
Deep Search
Dictionary of Operations
Digital Clouds and Urban Spaces
Fiktion und Wirkungsmacht
Hypernormal Hybrids
Information as Reality
Kampfzonen in Kunst und Medien
Nach dem Ende der Politik
Non Stop Future
Painted by Numbers
Phantom Kulturstadt
Shared Digital Futures
Strategic Reality Dictionary
Texte zur Zukunft der Kulturpolitik
Texte zur Zukunft der Kulturpolitik II
Vergessene Zukunft - Radikale Netzkulturen in Europa

Referenced content:

The Need To Know
World-Information Institute
Steve Wright (17.01.2014)
"The Drift Towards Universal Surveillance" Steve Wright (UK) presentation on November 22nd 2013 on the new age of truly global surveillance and tracking with state capability sets that even the Stasi and George Orwell did not imagine. What are the long term, social and political ramifications of such capabilities and how can we successfully resist when they go beyond the limits of the law?
Die Neuen Zugänge zu Kultur
World-Information Institute
World-Information Institute (12.06.2013)
Diskussionsveranstaltung zu: "Österreichische Kulturinstitutionen und ihre Zukunftsperspektiven"

Mit: Marc Sands, Director of Media and Audiences, Tate London / Laurence Rassel, Director Fondation Antoni Tapies, Barcelona / Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Direktor MAK Wien / Gabriele Fröschl, Österreichische Mediathek / Bettina Kann, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Moderiert von Felix Stalder
Critical Strategies in Art and Media Discussion - part 07
World-Information Institute, Critical Strategies in Art and Media
Jim Fleming | Steve Kurtz | Claire Pentecost | Ted Byfield | Peter Lamborn Wilson | Amanda McDonald Crowley | Konrad Becker (2010)
Critical Strategies in Art and Media - Discussion part 07
Interview with Philippe Agrain
World-Information Institute
Philippe Agrain (19.06.2012)
Philippe Agrain speaks in this interview about a turning point in the information ecology and the "war on sharing". Agrain is interested in the questions of an information continuum through cultural and intellectual exchange emphasizes that the internet changed the artist-user relation. Seeing Social Rights as more important than Copyrights he discusses a digital flatrate system and other models of financing cultural production . According to Agrain it is also more important to help produce cultural products through upfront financing less than through renumeration afterwards. Regreting the overall rise of control society instead of open exchange he addresses the gap between winning the intellectual arguments on a reform of intellectual property rights and the political realities.
About: Future Non Stop
World-Information Institute, World-Information.Org
A Living Archive for Digital Culture in Theory and Practice.
Mehr Rechte gegen die Kunst?
World-Information Institute
Konrad Becker | Felix Stalder | Monika Mokre | Gerald Raunig | Marina Grizinic (26.01.2012)
Offener Brief anlässlich der "Kunst hat Recht" Kampagne der Österreichischen Verwertungsgesellschaften
Offener Brief zu "Mehr Rechte gegen Kunst" vs. "Kunst hat Recht"
World-Information Institute
Monika Mokre (28.01.2012)
Monika Mokre antwortet Gerhard Ruiss und Ludwig Laher die im Zusammenhang mit "Mehr Rechte gegen Kunst?" ihre Tätigkeit in der UNESCO in Frage stellen
Die Neuen Zugänge zu Kultur - Begrüssung
World-Information Institute
World-Information Institute (12.06.2013)
Eröffnung der Diskussion durch Sektionschef Dr. Michael P. Franz, Leiter der Sektion Kultur des Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur und Konrad Becker.


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