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On the Algorithmic Condition

Agency, Game Theory & Nudging / Categorization & Golden Cages / Outsourcing Cognition & Freedom / Uncertainty & the Burden of Proof / Cybernetics, Ambiguity & Objectivity / Assumptions, Biases & Watchdogs

Mireille Hildebrandt's extended talk On the Algorithmic Condition for Painted by Numbers http://world-information.net/painted-by-numbers/

Categorization & Golden Cages
Due Process and Rule of Law
Contesting Categorization
Emergent Algorithmic Institutions
Markets and Statistical Testing
Choice Architectures of Economics
Designing Checks and Balances
Golden Cages of Augmented Reality

Outsourcing Cognition & Freedom
Outsourcing Cognitive Processes
Machine Learning Expert Training
Extended Resources System Breakdown
New Institutional Transformations
System Affordances and Capabilities
Freedom of Users Used by Systems
Politics of Backend Architectures

Uncertainty & the Burden of Proof
Rationality and Trust in Machines
Smart Learning Algorithms
Predictions of Uncertainty
Predictability and Governance
Transparency and Data Protection
Burden of Proof in Meaningful Terms

Cybernetics, Ambiguity & Objectivity
Nudging Environments and Reason
Cybernetics of Robotic Envelope
Information Theory and Behaviorists
Capture and Reconstituting Reality
Ambiguity and Resilience
Assumptions of Reductive Rationality
Human Biases and Heuristics
On the Table or the Menu
Challenging Claims of Objectivity

Assumptions, Biases & Watchdogs
Cognition and Prior Assumptions
Inevitable Architectures of Bias
Systems Developing Predispositions
Exponentially Automated Errors
Masking and Tweaking Correlates
Access for Operational Watchdogs
Impact and User Empowerment
Gaming Manipulative Systems 


Content type
Projects Painted by Numbers
World-Information Institute
Date 2017


Game Theory behavioral targeting cognitive science augmented cognition statistics nudging rule based systems social psychology automation knowledge systems impact of technology big data regulation technology assessment TA information policy information politics social sciences classification ranking artificial intelligence computer algorithm cybernetics robotics augmented reality machine learning control technologies Behavioral AI behavior managing expert system computer Daniel Kahneman Amos Tversky Iwan Pawlow
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