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Feminists Against Censorship – Pornography and Censorship-Issues on the Net

Feminists Against Censorship was formed in London in 1989 to give a voice to the many anti-censorship feminists who felt they were being silenced by the anti-porn movement, which puported to represent a desire on the part of all women, and all feminists, to censor pornography. To a large extent we see our role as educational, both in terms of making people aware of the long anti-censorship history in feminism and the verying attitudes women hold.

Feminists Against Censorship recognizes that:
1. Censorship is a dangerous tool that is primarily used to suppress dissent from those who would challenge oppression by society and the state, and particularly victimizes minorities.
2. Censorship is used by those in power as a way to avoid dealing with serious, intractable problems in society that require real, imaginative action, and are not solved by banning words and images.
3. Women must have recourse to free expression in order to explore the truth of our own experience and sexuality that has been forcibly hidden from us for millennia, and the state must no longer be permitted to interfere with this discourse.
4. Censorship can never eliminate evil ideas, and so the best answer to bad speech is more speech.

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