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Public Netbase t0 Moves Into Position

At the official opening of the Museumsquartier, the net culture institution draws attention to its insecure future and denial of lease.

At the official opening of the Museumsquartier, the net culture institution draws attention to its insecure future and denial of lease.

Although the official opening of the Vienna Museumsquartier, from 28 to 30 June, will take place with the participation of Public Netbase t0, the institution's future on the Museumsquartier premises remains uncertain.

In spite of several announcements to the contrary made by the Museumsquartier management, Public Netbase t0 remains without a contract that would secure its re-entry following reconstruction works in 2002. This creates a situation of legal insecurity that further exacerbates the problems Public Netbase has faced following a politically motivated cut in public subsidies by 60 % in 2000 and 2001, and a complete withdrawal of project-based public funding.

For this reason Public Netbase and three other independent Museumsquartier occupants, Basis Wien, Depot and springerin, wrote a letter to the Museumsquartier management as early as 11 June, 2001, stating that the dissolution of the current lease contracts would have to be considered null and void for as long as the management drags its feet regarding a legally binding contract for the future.

In order to draw attention to these developments within the programmes surrounding the opening ceremony, Public Netbase t0's contribution to the opening has been given an external appearance that emphasises the fact that, in spite of repeated assurances, the fight for a "rich diversity" of the Museumsquartiers offerings still resembles a fierce battle. While the planned lunch packages and cultural picnics will seduce visitors into an atmosphere of cosiness and tranquillity, Public Netbase t0's has set up a military defence installation reminding the audience that art and culture are anything but neat and cosy.

In the media installation "Remote Viewing" artists and artistic initiatives will feed texts and visuals into an interactive billboard set up in one of the Museumsquartiers courts, the Staatsratshof. The installation can also be viewed online at http://remote.t0.or.at. Participants include Tanya Bednar, Sabine Bitter/Helmut Weber, Christian Hessle, Martin Krenn/Oliver Ressler, Maschek, Bady Minck, monochrom, Max Moswitzer, Georg Udovicic, Eva Wohlgemuth and WR. In addition, local visitors will be able to enter Remote Viewing via a WWW interface.

Following the three days of opening ceremonies, the Museumsquartier will officially commence its routine functioning. However, whether initiatives such as Public Netbase t0 will see their year-long commitment honoured by a contract securing its future remains uncertain.

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World-Information Institute
Date 27.06.2001


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