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World-InfoCon Brussels

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World-Information.Org Brussels 2000 > World-Information.Org

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A Topography of E-space - Electronic Networks and Public Space (en)
World-InfoCon Brussels
Saskia Sassen (13.07.2000)
World-InfoCon Brussels day one
Lessons of the Kosovo Information War
World-InfoCon Brussels
Philip Hammond (13.07.2000)
In the year since the 1999 air campaign against Yugoslavia, Nato and its member governments have sought to learn from the experience of handling the media during the conflict. Assessing media performance during the war, this paper seeks to draw an alternative set of lessons, from the perspective that more informative, independent and objective reporting would be desirable.
Challenging the Emergence of 21st Century Global Surveillance Networks
World-InfoCon Brussels
Steve Wright (13.07.2000)
We begin the 21st century with the emergence of quite extraordinary capabilities to monitor all transactions undertaken on our telecommunications highways, be they telephone, mobile, fax or email conversations. Two major global surveillance networks are of importance, namely (i) the NSA run Echelon system which is already in place and (ii) the EU-FBI surveillance system which is currently planned but not yet operational.
"Propaganda is not simply a question of manipulation and disinformation."
World-Information.Org, World-InfoCon Brussels
Philip Hammond (01.03.2001)
Philip Hammond spoke to Wolfgang Sützl after his presentation at the World-InfoCon in Brussels 2001.
A Global Framework for the Information Society
World-Information.Org, World-InfoCon Brussels
Philippe Quéau (18.12.2000)
World-Information.Org´s chief researcher Wolfgang Sützl spoke to Philippe Quéau about democratic governance in the information society, the seduction of the market, and the protection of the electronic heritage of the future.
The Threath to Privacy
World-Information.Org, World-InfoCon Brussels
Saskia Sassen (13.07.2000)
In this lecture at the WIO World InfoCon at Brussels Saskia Sassen spoke about the "Topography of E-space - electronic networks and public space"
"There are tremendous empowerment possibilities, provided that the technology is in the right hands."
World-Information.Org, World-InfoCon Brussels
Shahidul Alam (12.01.2001)
Wolfgang Sützl spoke to Shahidul Alam during the World-InfoCon in Brussels, in July 2000.
World-InfoCon Brussels
(July 2000)
WIO Brussels2000 at Centre Brussels 2000: June 30 to July 30, 2000
fingerprint bluegirl banner WIO Brussels - Headquarter the foton informator c4u globus helicopter at world C4U
World-Information.Org@Brussels - Infocon
World-InfoCon Brussels
The World Infocon conference took place within the framework of the Brussels exhibition program and included well-known speakers such as Cees Hamelink, Simon Davies and Steve Kurtz.
Saskia Sassen press conference World-Infocon Brussels Duncan Campell Steve Wright Duncan Campell Philipp Hammond
World-InfoCon Brussels (2000): An Annotated Report
World-Information.Org, World-InfoCon Brussels, Non Stop Future
Steve Kurtz (08.08.2000)
While this conference had a deeply pessimistic aura surrounding it in regard to subject matter and critical analysis, there was still a general feeling that effective action could be taken, and that apocalypse was not a predetermined outcome. Autonomous zones still exist in a variety of forms.


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