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World-Information Forum Vienna

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World-Information.Org Vienna 2000 > World-Information.Org

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Why Leap the Digital Divide? (en)
World-Information Forum Vienna
Kunda Dixit (24.11.2000)
World Information Forum 24.11.2000
Kunda Dixit - Why Leap the Digital Divide?
Why Leap the Digital Divide? (en)
World-Information Forum Vienna
Kunda Dixit (2000)
The corporate-political structures that govern the information revolution are the same ones that drove the industrial revolution and messed up the earth's ecosystem in the process. The mechanisms by which important political and economic decisions are made have not changed, decision-making is in the same hands, value-systems have not changed. Those are the changes that are required to improve the living standards of the world's two billion desperately poor people.
"Why leap the digital divide?" Interview (en)
World-Information Forum Vienna
Kunda Dixit (30.04.2001)
An interview with Kunda Dixit, director of Panos South Asia and co-publisher of Himal magazine. After his presentation at the World-Information Forum in Vienna he spoke to WIO about the digital divide and its implications for the global political systems.
World-Information Forum Vienna (2000): Conference Report
Non Stop Future, World-Information.Org, World-Information Forum Vienna
World-Information.Org (2008)
The World Information Forum, held in connection with the World Information Exhibition at Vienna's Technical Museum, brought together a number of distinguished speakers who all addressed, each from a different perspective, the political and artistic dilemmas as well as the opportunities contained in the transition to a digital world


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