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3-sided football 3Ci 3D 3D-Printing 486 A3-screen ACOnet ARS Memoria ATA AdSense Altair Basic Amiga Android Animationen Apple Apple Lisa Application Programming Interfaces (API) Atari Audiofile Autolabs BIOS Bandbreite Behavioral AI Bibliothekswissenschaft Big Data Bionic WoMen Bittorrent Black-Ops Buch C-64 CCTV CD CD-ROM CONE CPRM Content Protection for Recordable Media Cabbage Patch doll Cable TV Carnivore Chinese medicine Chrome City Brand Barometer City- Ranking Cleveland Freenet Cloud Community TV Computer Constructive Technology Assessment CTA Corporate Situationism Creative Archive Licence (CAL) Creative Commons Cross Cultural Programme DAI DIAL Direct Intelligent Access Listening DMCA DNA fingerprint DNS DNS Root Servers DRM DRM Digital Restrictions Management DVD Dark Fiber Datenbanken De Digitale Stad (DDS) Digital Millennium Copyrights Act DoD Drexler's Agoric Systems Druck EEG ERP-Bridges Egyptian hieroglyph Euclidian space Eurocop database FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) FLOSS (Free and open source software) FORTRAN FTP Facebook Fair Meter Fairshare Protocols Firewall Flash Flickr Fourier analysis Fragmentierung GPS GSM GUI Graphical User Interface Glasfaser Google Google Analytics Google Blog Search Google Earth Google Maps Google Streetview Gouvernementalisierung Gouvernmentalität Graphical User Interface (GUI) Guerilla-Screening HITS HTML Hardware Hardwarestationen Hightech-Waffen IBVA (Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer) ICT (Information and Communications Technology) IKT IP IP telephony IRC ISDN-Anschluss ISP filtering Indexierung Indizierung Information Peacekeeping Informationsapplikationen Informationsbeschaffung Informationstechnologien Infrastruktur Intellectual Property Regimes Internet archive Internet of Things Internet-Zugang Internetapplikation JavaScript Kabelanbieter Kartographie Kategorisierung Klassifizierung Kodex Kommunikationstechnologien Kulturtechnologien LCD LEDs Linux Live TV jamming Low-tech M1A1 Abrams MATLAB MBROLA MP3 MPEG-4 MacOS MacPerl Mail-Domain Mailinglisten Management Max/MSP MaySpace Microsoft Office Microsoft Windows Model-T car Modem Multiplex NGSCB (Next-Generation Secure Computing Base) Napster Net Network Centric Warfare Network technologies Netzprovider Netzwerk Neue Medien Norton-Lambert's Close-Up/LAN software Numerical Control Ontologie Open Source Open Source Contentmanagement Open Source software Open publishing systems P2P P2P-Networks PGP PageRank Palm Pilot Partizipation Pascal Pentium 3 Personalisierung Pilot's Associate PowerPoint Print on demand Provider Proxy Server Prozessorchips PsyOps QuickTime movie RAM RFID Racal Talon System RealAudio Regierungstechnologien Robo-MC SIGINT signal intelligence SMS SMS-to-Radio Satellitenfernsehen Schriftrolle Science Commons Semantic Web Semtex Sensor Serverspace Silicon Graphics Skalierung Smart Meter Software Sourceforge SportBrain Streaming Subvention Suchmaschinen Suchtechnologien System 77CCR Civil Counter-Reconnaissance T-20 TCP/IP TR-909 drum machines TTS TV Tamagotchi Taxonomie Tele-Robotik Text-Datenbanken Text-FM Tit-for-Tat TFT TramJam Trusted Computing TC Turing Machine Tv channel Twitter UFO URL Unix Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV Usenet V2 VBS VCR VNS Matrix Gameboy VRML VSAT satellite Video Videokamera WWW-Interface Wahlentscheidungshilfe Wahlhilfe WatCall Web 1.0 Web-Space Webforen Websuche Western allopathic medicine WiFi Win Watch Professional Wireless World Wide Web World-Info TV X-box X-ray Xerox Star YouTube Zivilgesellschaftliche Gegenüberwachungsanlage System 77CCR abstract machine agent based modelling airplane alternative media androids animation antenna anthropometry archives aromal rays artificial intelligence artificial life assissted communication atom smasher atomic bomb augmented reality autocatalytic loop automatic doors automaton beautification behavior managing bicycle billboards binary code bioinformatics biometrics biotech biotechnology bitstreams blogs body technology book digitisation book scanning bookprint bootlegging branding broadcast browser bulldozers cameras cassette tapes catalogues cell phone chips cinema city branding cloning cloud computing collaborative media systems comics common infrastructure communication systems communication technologies community media community networking community web serving computer computer algorithm computer games computer literacy computing conjuration control technologies cookies copy copyleft copyright corporate-security complex cosmetic surgery counter-surveillance country code domains cracker crawler crediting crowd control technology cryptography cultural intelligence cybernetics cyberspace cybertech cybertechnology cyborg data analytics data collecting data collection data mining data retrieval database datagram dataveillance decentralized access democracy dictaphones digital bodies digital books digital copy digital divide digital libraries digital media digital security digital techniques digital technology digitale Medien digitalisation digitalization digitization distributed development of software diversity - management division of labour download corporate material drone drum machines eavesdropping electro-mechanics electromagnetic spectrum electronic civil disobedience electronic drugs electronic gadgets electronic networks electronic self email encryption expert system file-sharing film finger printing fingerprint scans fm radio genetic algorithm genetic engineering genetic technology genetics geo-marketing global communication networks governance grep hacking hardware hieroglyph human-computer interface HCI hypermedia hypnotism i3 programme iPod identification technology illusionism image implants in-vitro fertilization index indexes information flow information technologies interactive technologies interaktive Applikationen interface intern-space stations internet internet installation internet radio jammed radio wavelengths jet fighter simulator kernighan landmines less-lethal-weapons localization machine learning mailing list map mappa mundi maps mass hallucination mass media matrices matrix of identity media mesh network meshwork metallurgy microcomputers microwave weapons military technology mobile micro sound systems mobile phones mobile publishing mobiles movie multimedia multipolar search music music technology nano-technology network network systems networks new technologies newspapers non-lethal-weapons notebooks nuclear reactor online publishing online writing ontologies open channels peer-to-peer peer-to-peer systems personalization photocopies physical web browser planes political orientation tool printed word printing programming languages psychoanalysis public mind control public relations punched card radio radio stations radio transmitter record replication research sites ripping robotics robots rocket propulsion systems sampling satellite satellite cable satellite television scanner scholarly publishing screenal technology search engine search engine algorithm securitization security technologies segmentation sensors sensory antennae sequencer shared network shared software shortwave radio skype smart grid social networks software software bots sonar sonar interface space ships space travel spaceships spectral analysis staging surveillance cameras surveillance technologies synthesizers synthetic worlds synths systems techknowledgi telecommunication telecommunication networks telegram telegraph telephone telephone system teletext television terraforming text-to-speech program transcription transistors tunnel electron microscopes user owned network infrastructure video video camera video codec video games video streaming video-phone vinyl video virtual reality virtualization vision technology vote match advisor vote match tool voting advice application voting indicator tool weapons weapons of mass destruction wearables web 2.0 web 3.0 web radio web scanning web3.0 webcasting weblogs websearch wireless networks wireless radio networking technology wireless system wireless tracking device wiretapping Überwachungskamera Überwachungstechnologien


...is a semantically connected content repository, which contains documents on 15 years of new practices in art and media.

Based on an extensive archive going back to 1994 the site collects materials that serve as important reference documents in the field of new media, politics, and art and makes them accessible to a wider public. Instead of a hierarchically structured archive an experimental navigation interface opens up new ways to explore large information nodes. Documents are associated by a range of tag that allow to filter relevance according to topics and issue relations. ASCR, short for Advanced Semantic Content Repository, is the open source information architecture and "editing back end" of Future Non Stop.

Future Non Stop is a project of:
Institute for New Culture Technologies/ t0.
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