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World-Information.Org Vienna 2000
World-Information.Org Vienna 2000
(November 2000)
WIO Vienna at the Technical Museum in Vienna, from November 24 to December 24, 2000.

Cult of the New Eve Banners Save the Digital E~cology ROBOT in a flower pot big brother big brother
World-Information.Org@Brussels - Infocon
World-InfoCon Brussels
The World Infocon conference took place within the framework of the Brussels exhibition program and included well-known speakers such as Cees Hamelink, Simon Davies and Steve Kurtz.
Saskia Sassen press conference World-Infocon Brussels Duncan Campell Steve Wright Duncan Campell Philipp Hammond
World-InfoCon Brussels
(July 2000)
WIO Brussels2000 at Centre Brussels 2000: June 30 to July 30, 2000
fingerprint bluegirl banner WIO Brussels - Headquarter the foton informator c4u globus helicopter at world C4U
Public Netbase/ t0 presents in cooperation with the Architektur Zentrum Wien the Exhibition SYNWORLD playwork:hyperspace representatives of new architecture. Among other things technological and theoretical Expansions into space is explored.
Ulrike und David Gabriel - Installation Architektur Zentrum Wien Architektur Zentrum Wien Architektur Zentrum Wien Architektur Zentrum Wien - Panorama Calin Dan
(June 1998)
Robotronika - hypermatic:automagic presents state-of-the-art robotic products and their applications in commerce, science and art; the various forms, functions and consequences of automatization; and the works of prominent artists from the USA, Japan and Europe dealing with cybernetic systems, mechanical environments and the production of robots.
Stelarc Brigitte Ederer, Konrad Becker Brigitte Ederer, Konrad Becker Barry Schwartz Tim Boykett (l) Konrad Becker, Man-Wook Han (front right)
Sex.net - Sex, Lies and the Internet
sex net. Sex, Lies & the Internet
(May 1998)
Sex.Net - Sex, Lies and the Internet
Cherie Matrix Constance Penley Midori media at sex.net Midori at sex.net Audience Member at sex.net
Information Terror
Information Terror
(April 1998)
media installation in public space and presentations
Sadie Plant Information Terror Container Information Terror Container Sadie Plant
Ein Netzwerk von Institutionen mit Wissensschwerpunkten in Genetik, Zellbiologie, Neurologie, Biochemie und Embryologie hat mit der Aufrüstung des menschlichen Körpers begonnen. Angezielt ist die rationelle Flesh Machine, die Implementierung ökonomischer und sozialer Kontrollmechanismen im menschlichen Körper. A Genexploitation Project by Critical Art Ensemble.
group photo, flesh machine BioCom- ad. flesh machine BioCom-ad. flesh machine BioCom - ad, flesh machine BioCom-ad, flesh machine BioCom-ad, flesh machine
t0 staff 1997
t0 staff
t0 staff ca. 1997
Konrad Becker Katja Mayer Clemens Sturm Christina Göstl Boris Kopeinig Christina Göstl, Christoph Kummerer
Mark Dery
Watch Your Language! Metaphor as Illness
Mark Dery
nettime in Ljublijana and Piran
CAE & Patrice Riemens, Inke Arns Konrad Becker Raitis Smits, nettime on excursion CAE & Patrice Riemens, Inke Arns nettime on excursion Konrad Becker, Peter Lamborn Wilson
nettime pressconference 1997
Nettime - Press Conference in Vienna, 1997
Peter Lamborn Wilson Pit Schultz Geert Lovink Diana McCarty Steve Kurtz Oliver Marchart
cyber.rights 2.0 Netz und Gesetz
cyber.rights, cyber.rights 2.0
discussion: Netz und Gesetz
Kurt Einzinger, Harald Wohsinoj, Marie Ringler, Oliver P.Hoffmann, Walter Marschitz, Kurt Lukasek
Anne Balsamo
Anne Balsamo Anne Balsamo + Audience Anne Balsamo + Audience Anne Balsamo Anne Balsamo
TokyoBabylon. New Japan Technoculture
TokyoBabylon. New Japan Technoculture
TokyoBabylon. New Japan Technoculture by Krystian Woznicki (PL/DE/JP)
Krystian Woznicki Krystian Woznicki, Konrad Becker Krystian Woznicki japan-noise.jpg Krystian Woznicki Krystian Woznicki
Erik Davis
Watch Your Language
Watch your language
Erik Davis Erik Davis, Konrad Becker Pic of Erik Davis Pic of Erik Davis Pic of Erik Davis
cyber.rights 1.0
cyber.rights 1.0
Marie Ringler, Michael Haberler, Gerhard Litzka, Thomas Matt , Michael Pilz Audience at Cyber.rights 1.0 Audience at Cyber.rights 1.0 Marie Ringler, Michael Haberler, Gerhard Litzka, Thomas Matt , Michael Pilz
Andrew Garton
Lecture: Sensorium theatre as suspended space
Video, Andrew Garton Andrew Garton Andrew Garton Video, Andrew Garton Video, Andrew Garton Andrew Garton
t0 Opening - Peter Lamborn Wilson
t0 Opening
t0 Opening with Peter Lamborn Wilson
Peter Lamborn Wilson, Konrad Becker display display presse presse Peter Lamborn Wilson
Geert Lovink (NL) im Gespräch mit Konrad Becker (AT)
Geert Lovink (NL) im Gespräch mit Konrad Becker (AT) in der Depot Reihe Auskunft 14.05.1996
Geert Lovink
Binary Sexes, Binary Codes
Binary Sexes, Binary Codes - a lecture by Sadie Plant
Sadie Plant
Digital Bodies and Cyborgs
Lecture: Digital Bodies and Cyborgs
Marilouise and Arthur Kroker
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Public Netbase
t0 closed
t0 closed t0 closed t0 closed
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...is a semantically connected content repository, which contains documents on 15 years of new practices in art and media.

Based on an extensive archive going back to 1994 the site collects materials that serve as important reference documents in the field of new media, politics, and art and makes them accessible to a wider public. Instead of a hierarchically structured archive an experimental navigation interface opens up new ways to explore large information nodes. Documents are associated by a range of tag that allow to filter relevance according to topics and issue relations. ASCR, short for Advanced Semantic Content Repository, is the open source information architecture and "editing back end" of Future Non Stop.

Future Non Stop is a project of:
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