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A Game for Love and Fascism
Keisuke Oki (03.10.2000)
The story of Giacomo Pucchini's opera "Tosca" provides an exercise in game theory.
Europe Is Awash with Eavesdrop Technologies
Simon Davies (13.09.2000)
You might not have noticed it yet, but your boss probably has you under surveillance. Simon Davies reports from Britain on a disturbing trend.
World-InfoCon Brussels (2000): An Annotated Report
World-Information.Org, World-InfoCon Brussels, Non Stop Future
Steve Kurtz (08.08.2000)
While this conference had a deeply pessimistic aura surrounding it in regard to subject matter and critical analysis, there was still a general feeling that effective action could be taken, and that apocalypse was not a predetermined outcome. Autonomous zones still exist in a variety of forms.
The Threath to Privacy
World-Information.Org, World-InfoCon Brussels
Saskia Sassen (13.07.2000)
In this lecture at the WIO World InfoCon at Brussels Saskia Sassen spoke about the "Topography of E-space - electronic networks and public space"
A Topography of E-space - Electronic Networks and Public Space (en)
World-Information.Org Brussels 2000, Non Stop Future
Saskia Sassen (13.07.2000)
A speech given at World-Information.Org, Brussels, July 13, 2000
Digital Implants: Pick-me-ups for the Cyber Age
Kevin Warwick (11.07.2000)
An interview with Kevin Warwick. The professor at the University of Reading (UK), on electronic drugs, the future of communication and the usefulness of implants.
Das Fledermaus-Syndrom
Martin Wassermair | Marie Ringler | Konrad Becker (17.05.2000)
Der Zustand des Museumsquartiers als Terra incognita der Politik ist endlich zu beenden. In diesem Sinne hat Public Netbase t0 mit Karl Kraus durchaus einiges gemein.
Notice Served to Public Netbase in the Museumsquartier
Non Stop Future
Press release, April 11, 2000
Cultural Backbone. Kultur braucht auch im Netz ein Rückgrat
Martin Wassermair | Konrad Becker | Marie Ringler (15.03.2000)
Jetzt ist es Aufgabe der Politik, und zwar disziplinenübergreifend, die vermehrte Einsicht in die Tat umzusetzen und endlich die Grundsteine zu legen. Für eine Informationsgesellschaft, die eine Partizipation der Menschen nicht behindert, sondern zu einem unverzichtbaren Kulturgut und damit zu ihrer wichtigsten Voraussetzung erklärt.
Edward S. Herman (12.11.1999)
Ingsoc has had a potent replacement with Amcap, and Amcap has actually taken on more vitality with the death of Ingsoc. It can claim that not only have freedom and liberal democracy triumphed over tyranny, but that doublethink and thought control have also ended with the close of the system of tyranny.
General Statement on Synworld
Non Stop Future, synworld
Faith Wilding (29.05.1999)
Moderator Statement on Synworld playwork:hyperspace, Vienna, May 29, 1999
Non Stop Future, synworld
Konrad Becker (May 1999)
Synthetic worlds are a key concept of contemporary infonautics. A broad spectrum of scientific disciplines is located at this interface of computer simulation and the visualization of information in dataspace.
Report of the Work Group on "Cultures of Electronic Networks"
Non Stop Future
This document presents recommendations from the Working Group on "Cultures of Electronic Networks" at the Cultural Competence Conference organised by the Austrian Presidency of the European Union in October 1998.
Dark Terrors - An Unforgettable Visit to the Hammer House of Horror
Public Netbase Media-Space, Zero News Datapool
Boris Karloff (24.04.1998)
Lecture at Public Netbase Media~Space on 24th of April, 1998.
'Boris Karloff' describes some very reliable anti-zombiefication techniques. These are: COLLECTIVE PHANTOMS; MEDIA INVASIONS; SPECULATIVE PLAYGROUNDS; PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY and finally the VOODOO MEME.
Information Terror Civil War
Public Netbase Media-Space, Zero News Datapool
Christoph Fringeli (24.04.1998)
Lecture at Public Netbase Media~Space on 24th of April, 1998.
Information War, Cyberwar, Netwar, Anti-War, Technowar, Postmodern War are all new buzzwords in the field of military theory, buzzwords that are now becoming more commonplace and are entering the cultural mainstream. Christoph Fringeli talks about the different notions.
Information War in the Age of Dangerous Substances
Non Stop Future
Sadie Plant (22.04.1998)
Lecture delivered at Public Netbase Media~Space, Vienna, April 22, 1998
The Economy of Attention
Zero News Datapool
Georg Franck (1998)
When rising numbers of people are able to afford the insignia of material wealth, then the desire for distinction will create a demand for attributes which are more selective than a large money income.
Meshworks, Hierachies and Interfaces
Zero News Datapool
Manuel de Landa (1998)
The world of interface design is today undergoing dramatic changes which in their impact promise to rival those brought about by the use of the point-and-click graphical interfaces popularized by the Macintosh in the early 1980's.
Seduction of the Cyber Zombies
Non Stop Future
Hakim Bey (18.08.1997)
Hakim Bey explains why there rather exist "Nets" instead of "The Net" and critically analyzes the Net, its potential and its weaknesses. He pledges for a spectral analysis of this Net and for the acceptance of multiple identities - maybe including an "Inter-Net identity".
An Interview with Stelarc
Non Stop Future
Stelarc (June 1997)
Public Netbase's Miss M and Australian Performance artist Stelarc are having coffee and cake in Vienna, June 1997
Multi-Dimensional and Inter-Galactic
AAA Association of Autonomous Astronauts, Zero News Datapool
AAA (Association of Autonomous Astronauts) (1997)
It is an appropriate moment to consider some of the responses made so far to the Association of Autonomous Astronaut's Five Year Plan for establishing a world-wide network of independent and community-based space exploration programs.
Space is the Place
AAA Association of Autonomous Astronauts, Zero News Datapool
AAA (Association of Autonomous Astronauts) (1997)
The Association of Autonomous Astronaut's Five Year Plan is well on target. This plan aims to establish a world-wide network of local, community-based groups dedicated to building their own space ships and developing their own independent space exploration programs.
Space travel - By Any Means Necessary
Non Stop Future, AAA Association of Autonomous Astronauts
Jason Skeet (21.06.1997)
An Introduction to the Association of Autonomous Astronauts' Intergalactic Conference Vienna, June 21-22, 1997
Gravity and E~scape (excerpts from the art of e~scape)
AAA Association of Autonomous Astronauts, Zero News Datapool
Konrad Becker (1997)
Human beings need possibilities to escape not only on account of political oppression or exclusion: they have to find ways to escape the vicious circle of forced work for wages and imposed leisure. It is necessary to evade symbolic dominance and cultural entrainment;
The Obelisk
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (May 1997)
The old magic power of the scribe, the hermetic initiate, might constitute a counter-force to the magic power of the manipulation of content, the monopoly of meaning and interpretation claimed by the totality (which suddenly doesn't look quite so total...).
An Interview with Anne Balsamo
Public Netbase Media-Space, Zero News Datapool
Anne Balsamo (28.04.1997)
Interview with Anne Balsamo, Professor at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, about her approach to theory and practice of technology and new media with Miss M. and Meike Schmidt-Gleim at Public Netbase Media~Space!
on the occasion of her presentation, "Cyberflesh: World Wide White Wash" on 28 April 1997
Interview with Erik Davis
Zero News Datapool
Erik Davis (April 1997)
Erik Davis and Konrad Becker are talking about Davis' Book 'TechGnosis'. It is about the occult undercurrents of the information age.
Techno Culture Japan
"It's not about reinstating (cultural)difference as the inscrutability factor. Nor is it about trying to enroll a discursive program to make difference legible. It's much more about inquiring how the Other/otherness are organized and perceived along a changing economy of exterior and interior..." Abstract from a lecture at Public Netbase.
Permanent TAZs
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1997)
And so we've had to consider the fact that not all existing autonomous zones are "temporary". Some are (at least by intention) more-or-less "permanent".
Spiritual telegraphs and the technology of Communication: tuning into the electromagnetic Imagination
Non Stop Future, Watch Your Language
Erik Davis (10.04.1997)
Part of the series of lectures, "Watch Your Language," at Public Netbase Media-Space!
Vienna, April 10, 1997
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