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Media-Space! Opening Speech
Public Netbase Media-Space, Zero News Datapool
Peter Lamborn Wilson (28.02.1997)
Speech at Public Netbase Media-Space! Opening 28th of February, 1997.
Up till a few years ago—no, up till last year, well, up till ten minutes ago—there was a very religious feeling surrounding the Internet. I call it the mumbo-jumbo factor, a kind of magical aura that surrounds any new technology.
The Right to Read
World-Information Special IP Edition Geneva 2003
Richard Stallman (02.02.1997)
In the US, the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act established the legal basis to restrict the reading and lending of computerized books (and other data too). The European Union imposed similar restrictions in a 2001 copyright directive.
the intensifier
Zero News Datapool
techNET (1997)
Around 1988 the intensifier started going to illegal parties and raves. Mostly happening in lost empty factories on the edges of wastelands, people danced on burnt­up cars, tucked suspensions moving in four­four time.
Each party was the end of an era. Something to take and use. Compose yourself. Move.
"Play with me!" or: Cyberspace as Toyspace
Non Stop Future, Zero News Datapool
Oliver Marchart (10.01.1997)
This paper has first been presented at the opening of the "Data-Panic"-show, event organized by Konrad Becker, January 10, 1997, Arthouse, Dublin
Economics, Computers and the War Machine
Non Stop Future
Manuel de Landa (11.10.1996)
Abstract of a speech given at Public Netbase, Vienna, October 11, 1996
Japanimation and Techno-Orientalism
Zero News Datapool
Toshiya Ueno (1996)
The word "Japanimation" is a neologism that is made by two words, Japan+animation. Now, Japanimation is seen in whole world.
Code Warriors
Zero News Datapool
Marilouise Kroker | Arthur Kroker (1996)
"Electronic technology terminates with the radically divided self: the self, that is, which is at war with itself. Split consciousness for a culture that is split between digital- and human flesh."
excerpt from Arthur and Marilouise Kroker's book Hacking the Future, New York: St. Martin's Press; Montreal: New World Perspectives, 1996.
Posthuman Development in the Age of Pancapitalism
Non Stop Future
Critical Art Ensemble (1996)
Lecture given at the Viper festival, Basel, 1996, and it is related to the "FleshMachine" performance and a talk held in Public Netbase, Vienna, 1997
An Interview with Manuel de Landa
Zero News Datapool
Manuel de Landa (1996)
with Konrad Becker and Miss M. at VirtualFutures, Warwick 96
Binary Sexes, Binary Code
Zero News Datapool
Sadie Plant (03.06.1996)
Plant explores some past, present, and future connections between women, computing, media and communications in order to give a positive response to a question posed by Irigaray: "If machines... can be aroused all by themselves, may not woman do likewise?" Abstract of a speech given in Vienna.
Radio Sermonettes
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
Several "Radio Sermonettes" by Hakim Bey
The Palimpsest
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
Nietzsche exalted the overhuman as individual ("radical aristocratism") -- his society of freespirits would indeed consist of a "union of self-owning ones". Fourier exalted the Passional Series- for him the individual failed to exist except in Harmonial Association. Polar opposites, these views-how is it then that I see them as complementary, mutually illuminative, and both entirely feasible?
Boundary Violations
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
The Supreme Architect is dead; long live architecture. The Border Artists have already begun to assemble --
Listener as Operator
Zero News Datapool
techNET (1996)
The listener as operator. The dancer as engineer.
Obsessive Love
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
"Rough dialectics" allows us to indulge an impure taste for history - a dredgingoperation - bricolage of "suppressed & realized" bricabrac - foolish unsavory outdated practises such as "obsessive love".
An Interview with Sadie Plant and Linda Dement
Zero News Datapool
Sadie Plant | Linda Dement (03.05.1996)
Linda Dement about Digital Art and her work 'Cyberflesh Girlmonster'. Sadie Plant about the relationship between women and computers in particular and technology in general; interviewed by Miss M. at the occasion of Virtual Futures 96 Datableed
An Interview with Pat Cadigan
Zero News Datapool
Pat Cadigan (03.05.1996)
Pat Cadigan considers herself a Science Fiction Writer interested in the near future; interviewed by Miss M. at the occasion of Virtual Futures 96 Datableed.
The Architectonality of Psychogeographicism or The Hieroglyphics of Driftwork
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
"A project for the builders of some near-future No Go Zone: -- the city of psychogeographic resistance, the anti-grid, architectonality of driftwork, festal space -- and the Cave of Fluid Memory. Rock & water -- the reverie of the bard, the forgetfulness of the gods."
Tong Aestethics or the city of Willows
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
The legend of our Tong is nothing but a text, true -- but it will call a world into being -- even if only for a few moments - in which our desires are not only articulated but satisfied.
Summer Land - The Periodic Autonomous Zone
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
The summer camp is not the war, not even a strategy -- but it is a tactic.
Media Hex - The occult assault on institutions
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
As for the TAZ, it is effected by a kind of closure, but one paradoxically shot through with openings. It escapes the asphyxiating enclosure of Capital, and the tragic ugliness of industrial space. Its architecture is smooth, not striated-hence the tent not the prison, the passageway not the portal, the barricade, not Haussman's boulevards.
The Ontological Status of Conspiracy Theory
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
Maybe conspiracies don't work. But we have to act as if they do work. In fact the non-authoritarian movement not only needs its own conspiracy theory, it needs its own conspiracies. Whether they "work" or not.
Primitives & Extropians
Zero News Datapool
Hakim Bey (1996)
The anarcho-primitivists have backed themselves into a situation where they can never be satisfied without the total dissolution of the totality. Luddism as a tactic has much to recommend it: -on the local level, machine-smashing can actually accomplish something.
Cybernetics & Entheogenics: From Cyberspace to Neurospace
Tactical Media Amsterdam, Zero News Datapool
Peter Lamborn Wilson (19.01.1996)
Lecture held during the "Next Five Minutes" Conference on Tactical Media Amsterdam, January 19, 1996.
"I would like to compare and contrast, as they used to say in school, cyberspace and neurospace."
30 Years of Tactical Media
Non Stop Future
Felix Stalder (January 1996)
Thus the autonomous production of media for grassroots campaigns has been widely established as a core concern for contemporary political movements, not least thanks to the Tactical Media pioneers of the 1990s. However, its increasing reliance on commercial infrastructure is introducing new points of failure are becoming apparent as the policing of the commercial platforms is getting more intense.
A Structuralist Analysis of Puerto Rican Santería
Zero News Datapool
Lily Diaz (1996)
Among the many religious phenomena that have come to the attention of anthropologists is the syncretism of African and Catholic belief systems in the Caribbean. Puerto Rican Santería is one of such syncretist belief systems..
Wired unplugged
Zero News Datapool
Mark Dery (1996)
Despite editor/publisher Louis Rossetto's insistence that his magazine is still reassuringly Gutenbergian, printed on "non-glossy, recycled papers," the reader can't escape the nagging suspicion that Wired is actually the shape-shifting android from Terminator 2, disguised as a magazine.
Markets and Antimarkets in the World Economy
Zero News Datapool
Manuel de Landa (1996)
One of the most significant epistemological events in recent years is the growing importance of historical questions in the ongoing reconceptualization of the hard sciences.
The THREE-FOLD EAR and the Energies of Enthusiasm
Zero News Datapool
Z'EV (1995)
The THREE-FOLD EAR and the Energies of Enthusiasm
Islam and the Internet - Net-religion, a War in Heaven
Zero News Datapool
Peter Lamborn Wilson (06.10.1995)
Lecture held at MetaForum II/NO BORDERS/Budapest, Networking Conference Budapest.
"Actually, I am interested in a re-mytholization, in reenchantment, in magic, in action at a distance. I am interested in technology because it is magical, it is magic, it is action at a distance."
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