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The Abolition of Work
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Bob Black (1995)
work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world. Almost any evil you'd care to name comes from working or from living in a world designed for work. In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working.
Globalism, Tribalism and Autonomy
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Peter Lamborn Wilson (August 1995)
Peter Lamborn Wilson and Konrad Becker are having coffee on the occasion of Alpbach Technology Forum 95 on Networks in Tyrol, Austria, August 1995
Query: Irish Soma?
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Peter Lamborn Wilson (1995)
"..in short, I would maintain that the failure to consider entheogenesis ("birth of the god within" by ingestion of psychotropic substances) must hitherto be considered a serious flaw in any integral History of Religion (or "histories of religions")."
Against Multiculturalism
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Peter Lamborn Wilson (1995)
The multicultural paradigm presupposes a false totality within which are subsumed a set of false particularities.
Ein Gespräch von Dorothea Franck und Georg Franck zum Thema "Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit" (de)
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Georg Franck | Doro Franck (02.06.1995)
Doro Franck und Georg Franck diskutieren über die 'Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit' am 2.6.1995 @ Public Netbase.
Doro Franck and Georg Franck on: The Economy of Attention (en)
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Georg Franck | Doro Franck (02.06.1995)
Doro Franck and Georg Franck discusses about the 'Economy of Aufmerksamkeit' @ Public Netbase 2nd of June 1995.
Techno: Psycho-Social Tumult
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techNET (May 1995)
Techno cannot be allotted a place as either a pop or an avant-garde music- on the whole it doesn't take refuge in art and slips away from categorisation as the net of naming is unfurled.
Media Creed for the Fin de Siecle
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Peter Lamborn Wilson (1995)
...From this point of view I can see only two possible strategies toward "the Media". First, to invest our energies in the intimate media, which can still play a genuine role (of "positive mediation") in the everyday lives of ourselves and others. And second, to approach the "major public media" (or "negative mediation") either in the mode of evasion, or the mode of destruction.
Godzilla, Exformation and Electric Sensual Perception
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Mitsuhiro Takemura (28.03.1995)
"Nowadays there's a real Internet boom in Japan going on. "
at an opening event of Public Netbase t0 March 28. 1995.
Hakim Bey Talks
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Hakim Bey (18.03.1995)
..with users of Public Netbase.
"I feel the internet is still on this chaotic stage where it is very much worth while struggling for it. But I also don't accept it as a given. I think it began in war and it will continue in war and it's we are in the struggle, if we are on the net we`re in that struggle."
The Information War
Non Stop Future, Zero News Datapool
Peter Lamborn Wilson (17.03.1995)
A speech given at the opening of Public Netbase t0, Vienna, March 17, 1995
Uniformity and Variability - An Essay in the Philosophy of Matter
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Manuel de Landa (1995)
In this essay de Landa explores a few of the philosophical issues raised by new developments in materials science, particularly the new awareness of the importance of studying the behaviour of matter in its full complexity.
The Geology of Morals - A Neomaterialist Interpretation
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Manuel de Landa (1995)
Manuel de Landa explores what a Neo-Materialist interpretation of the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari would be like.
Decisions at the Speed of Electronic Circuitry
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Keisuke Oki (20.08.1994)
When we at DTI made the work VIRTUAL HAZE, the second work in our series of art works using brainwaves, our biggest concern was how to make a computer react to various brain states through the sensing of brainwaves - in other words, the process of reading minds.
The Relationship between Language and Objects
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Derrick de Kerkhove (15.07.1994)
Director of the Mc Luhan Program at the University Toronto speaking at an opening event of
responding to questions raised by Peter Lamborn Wilson in THE INFORMATION WAR on his contribution to
SERIOUS CHILLER LOUNGE in Munich 94, where he delivered a speech on the relationship of language and objects.
This is part of a transcription from the 15th of July 1994.
Overcoming tourism
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Hakim Bey (1994)
Tourism is an invention of the 19th century-a period of history which sometimes seems to have stretched out to unnatural length. In many ways, we are still living in the 19th century.
The NO-GO Zone
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Hakim Bey (1994)
The NGZ is on the way, whether we dread it or romanticize it.
The Tong
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Hakim Bey (1994)
A Tong can perhaps be defined as a mutual benefit society for people with a common interest which is illegal or dangerously marginal - hence, the necessary secrecy.
Tonality and Totality
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John Zerzan (1994)
The defining of sentiments has always been a preoccupation of religions and governments. But for quite some time music, with its apparent indifference to external reality, has been developing an ideological power of expression hitherto unknown.
Virtual Environments and the Emergence of Synthetic Reason
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Manuel de Landa (1994)
At the end of World War II, Stanislav Ulam and other scientists previously involved in weapons research at Los Alamos, discovered the huge potential of computers to create artificial worlds, where simulated experiments could be conducted and where new hypotheses could be framed and tested.
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