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Information as Reality

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World-Information Institute

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Autonomy through Technology. Critical Practice in Digital Networks
Information as Reality
Marko Peljhan (September 2014)
Marko Peljhan uses the Artic Perspective Initiative to explain his approach to cultural practices and communication networks
Palinopsia "C
Information as Reality, Algorithmic Regimes and Generative Strategies
Graham Harwood (October 2014)
A text by Harwood / YoHa on "Information as Reality" with reference to cold war algorithms and agent based modelling. As part of a collaboration with different version has appeared in "Kritische Netzpraxis – Springerin / Band XXI, Issue1, Winter 2015".
Remix und die Demokratie der Kultur
Information as Reality
Leonhard Dobusch (03.09.2014)
Im Zuge der Digitalisierung sind Remixkultur und mit ihr verschiedene Formen kreativer Kopie Teil des kommunikativen Alltags breiter Bevölkerungsschichten geworden. Mashups und Memes werfen dabei nicht nur Fragen der angemessenen rechtlichen Beurteilung von Remixpraktiken auf, sondern unterlaufen auch herrschende Mythen über genial (Allein-)AutorInnenschaft und den abgeschlossenen Charakter kreativer Werke. Eine Legalisierung von Remixpraktiken, wie sie der Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. in seiner Initiative für ein "Recht auf Remix " fordert, ist deshalb nicht nur eine grundlegende Voraussetzung für die Kunst- und Meinungsfreiheit einer Gesellschaft im digitalen Zeitalter, sondern birgt darüberhinaus Potentiale für eine Demokratisierung kultureller Praktiken.
Kulturpolitik als Gesellschaftspolitik - Panel
Information as Reality
Leonhard Dobusch | Ilja Braun | Andrea Hummer (03.09.2014)
Rund um Grundeinkommen, Urheberrecht und Recht auf Remix ist in den letzten Jahren eine breite Diskussion entstanden, die kulturpolitische Fragen in einem breiten gesellschaftspolitischen Kontext verorten. Verhandelt werden nicht Geschäftsmodelle, sondern die Grundsätze einer offenen Informationsordnung.

Ilja Braun und Leonhard Dobusch im Gespräch mit Andrea Hummer.
!Mediengruppe Bitnik Interventions
Information as Reality
Mediengruppe Bitnik (03.09.2014)
Based on some of their recent projects the Zurich !Mediengruppe Bitnik discuss their strategies of artistic interventions in the social debate and reflect on the difference between action within and outside art spaces.
Critical Art in Digital Networks? Panel
Information as Reality
Marko Peljhan | Mediengruppe Bitnik | Marion Hamm (03.09.2014)
Since the 1960s, important positions and movements in art were understood as “political” and “critical” towards art institutions and social power relations. This also includes many artists who work with advanced technologies. Meanwhile the art system has differentiated further. Today political content does not stand in the way of a successful career; quite on the contrary, it is ever more often part of a strategic positioning in the market. How did that happen, and what can critique mean in art practice today? How they must start in order not to be subject to the pervasive logic of utilization of difference?
Panel debate with Marko Peljhan, Mediengruppe Bitnik and Marion Hamm
DIY, Digital Biedermeier or New Cultural Paradigm
Information as Reality
Alessandro Ludovico | Aileen Derieg (03.09.2014)
Aileen Derieg talks with Alessandro Ludovico and Jaromil on cultural practices and DIY.
In recent years, the DIY culture received increased attention. Inspired by cheaper new production machines (eg 3D Printer) and freely available knowledge online things which were made ​​recently only in industrial plants and by specialists have moved into the realm of ​​”doing it yourself”. This development is accompanied by a typical rhetoric of radical change (eg 3rd industrial revolution) and empowerment. But then the practical results are every so often reminiscent of a digital Biedermeier, quaintly produced small series of more or less useful design. What does this contradiction mean? Where is guerilla engineering and civil social appropriation of know-how turning into a self-referential zone of handicraft?
Geistiges Eigentum und freies Wissen- Grundeinkommen statt Urheberrecht?
Information as Reality
Ilja Braun (03.09.2014)
Geistiges Eigentum und freies Wissen - zwischen diesen beiden Polen hat sich die Debatte um das Urheberrecht im Digitalzeitalter eingependelt. Dabei geht es längst um viel mehr: Kreativität gilt als der wesentliche Produktivfaktor in einer zunehmend auf immaterielle Wertschöpfung ausgerichteten Ökonomie. Immer mehr Menschen arbeiten heute so, wie früher nur Künstler gearbeitet haben. Und immer weniger können von ihrer Arbeit leben. Kann ein
bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen die Antwort auf die Krise des Urheberrechts im Digitalzeitalter sein? Vielleicht sogar der postfordistischen Selbstausbeutung überhaupt?
Media Culture between Creative Industries and White Cube
Information as Reality
Steve Kurtz | Konrad Becker (September 2014)
Steve Kurtz from Critical Art Ensemble on videoconference with Ushi Reiter (servus.at) and Konrad Becker:
As North America and much of Europe bring younger people ever closer to nothing (as in “nothing to lose”), a split is occurring. On the one hand, in which the uneasy marriage of art and politics gets consumed by creative industries and white cubes (or just cubicles) are being realized in parts of the population. On the other hand, another demographic is also emerging that is rapidly approaching nothing through unemployment, debt, and alienation. They are being hardened through this process, and thus becoming all the more willing, if not forced, to confront neoliberalism. When positive expectations collide with a negative reality, radicality can assert itself once more.
Process VS. Product, resisting the self-gratifying loop, regaining a DIY perspective
Information as Reality
Alessandro Ludovico (03.09.2014)
DIY has taken on another meaning after the re-appropriation of public communication accomplished by underground cultural movements since the seventies. This process was enhanced by the so-called "bedroom generation" during the nineties, opening its bedroom walls to the digitally connected world. Twenty years later the same and the subsequent generations are trapped in an endless self-referential narrative, and the virtual disappearance of the walls has been replaced by the borders of the screen to which they’re constantly referring. The previous ability to question and enable cultural and social "processes", has been obfuscated by the easiness and almost instantaneousness of producing virtual and physical "products". Confronting a few correlated media strategies on both sides is then necessary in order to fight the looped gratification and find again a perspective.


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